Commonwealth Epoxy Coatings, Inc. is a full-service contractor specializing in the application of architectural floor finishes and coatings, and the restoration and protection of concrete. Working with general contractors and owners our company provides the right solutions with our knowledge and experience.

Resinous Flooring is the generic term used for Fluid Applied Flooring. Epoxy, Urethane, High-Build, Thin Mil, Seamless, Decorative, Industrial, etc, are all types of Resinous Flooring. Listed below are descriptions of these systems.

collage02Epoxy/Urethane Thin-Mil Coating: An economical solution to coat concrete floors, protect from spills, improve cleanability, and enhance the appearance and brightness of any facility.

High Build Epoxy/Urethane Coating Systems: Provide excellent wear, abrasion and chemical resistance for Light Manufacturing, Warehouse, Aerospace, Computer & Electronics, Assembly & Production Lines, Stock Rooms, Aisles & Walkways, and for many Commercial & Retail floors.

Epoxy Broadcast Flooring Systems: Ideal for resurfacing existing floors and long-term protection of new floors in Super Market Meat/Bakery/Deli floors, Industrial, Automotive Service Bays, Machine Shops and High-Traffic areas. Usually installed 1/16”-1/8” thick, offered in many colors with optional chemical resistant topcoats and non-skid textures.

Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Topping: These trowel applied toppings (1/4” nominal thickness) will resurface badly damaged existing concrete floors or protect new concrete floors in Heavy Industrial Environments, Loading Docks, Drum Storage Areas and Commercial and Institutional floors subject to extreme physical abuse. We specialize in resurfacing floors in occupied facilities.

Mechanical Room Flooring Systems: Flexible, fluid applied systems are used to restore existing and/or protect new floors subject to vibration, thermal cycles and impact. Uses include Machine Decks, Turbine Room floors, Mezzanines, Boiler Rooms or any upper level floors.

Decorative Quartz and Vinyl Chip Flooring: These attractive, seamless, slip-resistant flooring systems are ideal when high-performance and an aesthetically pleasing appearance are required in Lobbies & Corridors, Commercial Kitchens & Food Prep Areas, Super Market Meat/Bakery/Deli floors, Laboratories, Automotive Show Rooms, and virtually any commercial and institutional floor.

Decorative Metallic Powder Coatings: These floors use a metallic pigment powder to produce a beautiful, modeled, one of a kind look that is available in high gloss or satin finish, smooth or slightly non-skid for Retail Areas, Lobbies, Automotive Showrooms and Grocery Stores.

High-Build Epoxy Wall Systems: Used in conjunction with Seamless Flooring, these anti-microbial, USDA/FDA approved, fiberglass reinforced systems provide a seamless floor-cove-wall and ceiling system when cleanliness and hygienically superior environments are required in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Commercial Kitchens, Clean Rooms, Healthcare, Animal Care, and Chemical Storage facilities.

Seamless Urethane/Cementitious Flooring: Ideal for quick turn-around (cures in hours, not days) and unequalled resistance to physical abuse, thermal shock, a wide range of chemicals and bacteria growth are benefits of this system for Food & Beverage Plants, Commercial Kitchens, Meat, Poultry & Dairy Plants, Chemical Processing, Secondary Containment Areas, Wastewater Treatment Plants and industrial environments.

Traffic Coating/Waterproofing: High-performance systems for Vehicle Traffic (Parking Structures/Rooftop Parking) and Pedestrian Traffic (Walking Decks, Plazas, Balconies, etc.). We utilize state of the art polyurethane elastomer technology to provide a seamless, waterproof coating system engineered for long-term performance. Available in many colors and textures.


Concrete Staining: To enhance the appearance of concrete floors (interior or exterior) concrete staining is ideal. Using our heavy-duty grinding equipment, the surface is professionally prepared then stain and sealer are applied to meet the customer’s specifications.

Diamond Polished Concrete: Utilizing sophisticated diamond grinding equipment and our methodology along with a liquid chemical densifier, we can provide you with an almost mirror-like, polished granite look for both new and existing concrete floors. And, we can add color utilizing stain or dye. The result is a beautiful and durable concrete floor for any commercial, retail or industrial facility.

Chemical Resistant Coatings & Lining: Designed for use in harsh environments, these seamless coating and/or lining systems provide protection from spillage of a wide range of chemicals (acids, alkalis & solvents). Our fabric reinforced lining systems are ideal for floors and walls of Secondary Containment Areas, Manhole and Sewer linings, and Wastewater Treatment facilities.

ESD Flooring: Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) flooring is a seamless system designed to prevent electro-static damage to electronic products and equipment in clean rooms, electronic manufacturing facilities and electronic assembly areas.
Conductive Flooring: This seamless system including integral cove base provides a conductive, non-sparking and chemical resistant floor for military facilities, ammunition plants, explosive industrial environments and hazardous material storage areas.

Cold Cure/Low Temperature Floor Coating: When floors in cold environments need coating and/or repairs, these polymer systems can be installed at operating temperature down to zero deg. F, eliminating costly down time. They are VOC compliant and ideal for cooler and freezer floors.